MATV - Master Antenna TV

MATV also known as Master Antenna Television is the technology used to provide reception to large office buildings, schools, hotels and apartments using a single master TV antenna.

Antenna Array on top of an Office Building
Head End & Distribution

What is MATV?

There are two main components of a MATV system which is the head end and distribution system. The “head end” is considered as the antenna end of the system and the “distribution system” is the network of cables that delivers the signal to each end point and provides a good TV reception.

MATV Masthead Antenna Amplifier
MATV Masthead Antenna Amplifier
Antenna & Managing Component


A MATV system will commonly include the following:

  • A UHS antenna that can receive a signal for digital TV.
  • A hardware managing component that will receive the initial TV signal and then configured accordingly.
  • The distribution network which routes the main signal to each receiving outlet.
Master Antenna TV Multi-Switcher

Why use MATV?

MATV avoids excessive TV antenna installations on large buildings and condensing the network to a centralised system that can service many end points. This also reduces the overall cost comparing to installing a separate antenna for each tenant. A MATV setup also prevents reception issues that would commonly occur if there were more than one TV antennas installed closely together.

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