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SHC offers over 40 years of cabling experience to ensure your copper cabling project is executed at the highest standard.

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As new technology becomes more widely available in this digital age, possibilities for data cabling are constantly changing and evolving. There are various sorts of data cables that may be found that serve a variety of functions. High-performance cables have taken their place and make it easier to handle the large amounts of data in modern business.

Local area network (LAN) technology is typically used by businesses having an internal network of computers, printers, and other devices. Understanding technology and what it can do for current communications and upcoming developments within the corporate world is necessary for data cabling and networking. We at SHC are aware of these modern requirements and are prepared to help you with your next project needs.

Category 8 UTP Cable
Over 40 Years Experience

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SHC has been installing ethernet cables for over 40 years while using only high quality brands such as Molex to ensure your network is operating smoothly day in, day out.

Copper ethernet cables are utilised to link equipment on local area networks (LANs), such as switches, routers, and PCs. Cables connected to Ethernet ports on network routers, computers, or other devices make up one of the most popular wired networks.

We are experienced installers for all network sizes and always ensure we select the correct cable for the jobs such as F/UTP or U/FTP.

Ethernet Cable Specifications
Ethernet Cable Specifications
C6, C6A & C8

Cable Types We Commonly Install

Category 6: This type of cable is referred to as the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling and is made up of four pairs of copper wires. Cat6 fully utilises all four pairs of copper wiring and boasts double the speed of CAT 5e connections, reaching speeds of up to 1 Gbps (gigabit per second).

Category 6A (Augmented): This cable is able to perform up to ten times better (supporting data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps) than a standard Cat 6 cable and is designed to operate at 500MHz, whereas a standard Cat 6 cable runs at only 250MHz.

Category 8: Uses 2000MHz signals to move data from 25 Gbps (Cat8.1) to 40 Gbps (Cat8.2).

F/UTP Cable Diagram
F/UTP Cable Diagram
Cross Divider Partitions

F/UTP – Foiled, Unshielded Twisted Pair

Foiled, unshielded twisted pair is referred to as F/UTP. Each pair of cables is twisted and divided by a cross divider inside the CAT6A F/UTP cable. The four uncovered pairs are all covered with a metal foil.

U/FTP Cable Diagram
U/FTP Cable Diagram
Each Pair Wrapped In Foil

U/FTP – Unshielded Foiled Twisted Pair

U/FTP stands for unshielded foiled twisted pair. Inside the CAT6A UTP cable, each pair of cables is twisted and wrapped with metal foil.

Exposed U/FTP Cable Example
Exposed U/FTP Cable Example
Better Performance

Advantages of U/FTP over F/UTP

Better Performance: The U/FTP cables offer superior EMI and crosstalk performance when placed properly. Crosstalk occurs when the signals of two twisted pairs interfere with one another.

Ease of Installation and Termination: CAT6A U/FTP cables are simpler due to the looser twist rate and absence of the cross divider, which also makes terminating of the cables simpler.

More Flexible and Simpler to Route: The cable diameter can be considerably reduced in the absence of the cross divider. Cables that are thinner are more flexible and simpler to route. Better airflow is made possible by thinner cables, which may aid in energy conservation.

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25 Year Product Warranty

As a certified Molex and Panduit installer you are covered with a 25 Year Product Warranty. This warranty is only available to installers who meet their strict certification requirements. So rest assured with SHC you're in good hands.

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SHC can provide your business with end-to-end solutions for projects the require passive copper cabling. Our technicians will inspect your setup and advise the best possible length for your data rate requirements.