VMS Software & Integration

A video management system (VMS), commonly referred to as video management software. Our security experts can ensure a smooth installation process with our authorised Milestone Partner Program status.

SHC is a Milestone Authorized Partner

What is a VMS?

A video management system (VMS), commonly referred to as video management software or a video surveillance management system is an integral component of a business's security infrastructure. It makes it possible for companies to gather, record, store, retrieve, examine, and analyse footage from their security cameras.

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Better Security Management

Given that so many industries are now using surveillance cameras, a VMS is a useful tool to have. A VMS assists businesses in managing their security system cameras, keeping an eye out for suspicious activities, and reviewing and analysing recorded video to gain insightful knowledge.


Our Installation Services

Traditional workflows for video surveillance include several elements, such as cameras, recording devices, storage infrastructure, and analytics software. We can help you combine these separate tools into a single VMS solution with our professional installation services. A VMS will simplify your security infrastructure by offering a single interface for recording, storing, and retrieving surveillance footage.

By setting up automatic procedures for retaining and storing security video for predetermined amounts of time, it also helps your business comply with compliance and legal obligations. A VMS will ensure that the surveillance footage is still accessible if your business has to go back and check it for legal reasons.