Passive CCTV Cabling

Passive cabling is commonly used for CCTV devices that do not require external power to operate. This type of setup often has its limitation with the video signal distance.

Passive CCTV Cables

Reliable Installation Is Key

To ensure that your cabling is installed properly, you should employ a CCTV installation provider with exceptional experience. You won't ever have to question whether the final wire was connected or whether the camera was secured with sturdy brackets and screws. Knowing that your CCTV system is watching over your family or business around-the-clock is nothing short of peace of mind.

Our Installation Services

With over 44 years experience, you can trust that SHC will get the CCTV cabling job done right the first time. We follow strict industry standards to ensure your cameras are installed at maximum reliability to ensure your premise is recording 24/7 without any install faults. Contact our team of security experts to arrange a free onsite quote.