NVR Supply & Design

NVRs are commonly referred to as network video recorders.


Network Video Recorder

Using a mass storage device, or cloud storage, a network video recorder (NVR) is a computer system that records video and stores it. Digital internet protocol (IP) cameras and NVRs work together to build a video surveillance system. The security camera operator would further manage the recorded footage using VMS software (Video Management Software).


Install Multiple CCTV Cameras To One Location

An NVR camera system can consist of a single camera or thousands of cameras spread across numerous sites around the world. Cameras can be installed both indoors and outside in numerous locations on structures and property. They typically operate around-the-clock and can be programmed to send alerts in response to certain activity at particular periods of the day.


Our Installation Services

Network video recorders require more advanced configurations when setting up large quantities of cameras across a site. Our team of experts can design and execute the perfect system for your needs. The design process involves various technical audits such as bandwidth allocation, storage and camera angle position. Contact us today to arrange one of our friendly technicians to discuss your needs.