Video Conferencing

Our professional team will dedicate their time to communicate the perfect solution for your business needs and more with a free on-site inspection if required.


What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is the core of future business collaboration systems between employees and external clients. As networks advance and allow for stronger bandwidth connections, HD video conferencing is becoming the popular choice for businesses and becoming the main communication method.

A video conference is a meeting in which people at two or more locations have a face-to-face conversation through communication devices and networks. Video conferences can be divided into point-to-point conferences and multipoint conferences according to the number of participating locations.

Business video conferences of government agencies, enterprises and institutions require stable and secure networks, reliable conference quality, and a formal conference environment. Professional video conference equipment is required to set up a special video conference system.

Dedicated Spaces

Video Conference Room Setups

With a dedicated video conference room setup which includes dedicated equipment such as dedicated TV cameras, microphones and whiteboard systems there is a better sense of presence to ensure your team has a high quality experience.

Easy to Deploy & Manage

SHC Video Conferencing Experts

A Crestron system helps your IT staff effectively manage their communications environment with simple, intuitive network management tools for telephony, routing, switching and security. An intuitive browser-based system management interface dramatically simplifies installation, support and ongoing management of your unified network, reducing your total cost of ownership. On hand-over, our technicians will ensure your solution meets all your requirements for easy long term management.

A Solution For Every Space

Premier Crestron Partner

SHC Group of Companies is a Crestron Partner to deliver your business with the latest advanced hardware and software Unified Communication systems that require high audio and video requirements. Crestron makes it easy for a dispersed workforce to come together with a consistently high quality experience for your employees in every type of space.

Your workspace may differ, but your business needs remain the same. Effective and productive collaboration is key for a successful working environment. The idea to walk into any space and quickly engaged with your team via audio/video is made possible with Crestron’s advance and smart technologies. Furthermore, from a single touch panel you can remotely control the rooms ambient lighting and more with smart room control.

Powering your conference

Video Conferencing Software

Today there are many enterprise level software platforms that will enhance your video conferencing experience with multiple participants.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration tool based on instant messaging, which can simultaneously share documents and provide users with services such as voice and video conferencing. Teams primarily competes with similar services like Slack or Zoom, offering workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.


Zoom is a video communication service that provides audio and video conferences. It not only supports online video conferences, but also provides online group chat functions. With powerful audio, video and collaboration features, this remote communication tool connects remote team members with each other.

Cisco WebEx Meeting

WebEx is a Cisco subsidiary that provides various enterprise services, and its online meeting service, WebEx Meeting, has now become the world's largest provider of web conferencing.

Our Installation Services

SHC can update and install advanced video conferencing systems to bring your business up-to-speed with the latest technologies available into today’s market. Our professional team will dedicate their time to communicate the perfect solution for your business needs and more with a free on-site inspection if required.