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Passive CCTV Cabling

Passive cabling is commonly used for CCTV devices that do not require external power to operate. This type of setup often has its limitation with the video signal distance.

CCTV Cameras

A reliable and secure CCTV camera installation requires a well thought out plan and execution for your protected sites or monitoring requirements.

NVR Supply & Design

NVRs are commonly referred to as network video recorders.

VMS Software & Integration

A video management system (VMS), commonly referred to as video management software. Our security experts can ensure a smooth installation process with our authorised Milestone Partner Program status.

AI & LPR Installations

Cameras that can recognise, capture, and record the licence plates of moving vehicles are known as licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras.

Access Control

Access control is a data security procedure that gives businesses the ability to govern who has access to their sites.

Fencing, Gate and Control Installations

Security fences and access control systems are a great way to keep your house or place of business safe from outside dangers.

Video Intercom Systems

A security technology that enables two-way communication is a video intercom system.